man VisitorPass

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 24 Oct 2008 (07:33 UTC)

For those callers who do not require monitoring for their visit, a visitor pass can be created. This allows the fire log to be maintained, and shows how many people are currently present in the building, but does not require a link to the callers past visit record. Many sites are now finding that they need to account for all visitors to the site, and so normal tickets are replacing this facility, but it is retained for sites where other agencies also ocupt the site, but whos visitors are initially managed by the site reception staff.


We can still search for a surname or company name in order to complete the pass, and notes relating to the visit can be added.


Once processed, a visitor pass is printed, along with a second copy for the fire log. The pass is then refered to the Corporate Visitor queue where a count of the number of people still present in the building is manitained.


When a visitor leaves the building, their entry in the queue can be accessed and selecting the enquiry from the list simply marks it as 'Finished' since we do not need to do anything else with the record.  ( Need to add pictures for corporate queue list)