man TicketProcess

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This section will cover the processing of caller enquiries. It includes facilities that are restricted to counter positions such as making announcements.

TicketProcess The menu on the side may contain a different list of options depending on the level of facilities the staff member is allowed access to.

There is a slight difference between sites with a front of house ticket printer, where clients will be added to an initial reception queue automatically, but all sites have the ability to add enquires to the system manually.


A ticket can be added for a personal caller, or a visitor pass for a corporate visitor.


Additional enquiries can be logged such as for telephone calls, email or other corespondance.

All enquires other than visitor passes are handled in the same way, so back office staff see the same method of working as counter staff, the only differnece is that for enquiries where a client is not present in the building, none of the announce and refer facilities are enabled. All staff will see the same information for an enquiry.

TicketAdd Having added an enquiry to the system, one of two things is required to happen, ideally, the client is first identified, which can be assisted by a name or postcode search. Additional searches on NI or a local reference number are also available, and UPRN is being made available as an additional link to the llpg database. Once identified, past visit information is available which may assist the receptionist further processing the enquiry.

( Users familiar with the older CMS systems will notice a change to the way things now work. Rather than a simple list of tags, the first option is to identify the department who will deal with the enquiry. )

DepartmentOptions The latest version of the system has expanded on the tagging options available, and in order to make it easier to access those options, the first step is to identify the department who would handle the enquiry. This is not to say that the enqiry needs to be refered to that department, and in a one stop shop environment, the reception staff may well handle the enquiry and clear it. It brings up a set of tags appropriate to that department.. For more information on this expansion see the CMS9.8 Tagging notes.

Having selected a department, further drop down lists may be presented depending on the type of tagging has been set for that department

For a department with no tags For a department with tagging For a department with sub-departments
DepartmentSimple DepartmentTags DepartmentSubDisplay
  A simple list of tags A list of sub-departments/options
  DepartmentTagOptions DepartmentSubOptions
    Each with their own tags

How an enquiry is processed may be determined by the department as well. Some departments may change the tag depending on where the enquiry is in the process. Such as a housing department having an initial and interview tag. Reception will simply refer the enquiry to 'Housing' and staff in that department will carry out an initial assessment, and then refer the enquiry back to the queue with a tag of interview for another member of staff to pick up and process. In many cases however, the enquiry may be completed and the reason for the enquiry recorded without needing to refer a caller to the particular department.

There are a number of options to clearing the enquiry and all involve Clearance Codes. With the advent of various initiatives on recording customer staisfaction and 'avoidable contact', the clearance process will be tailored to a particular site requirement, but on the whole new systems are recording information on both NI14 clasification and satisfaction. Once these are completed, the finish button removes the enquiry from the queues and marks it as complete.