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Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 29 Aug 2008 (04:47 UTC)

Staff Management

Staff access to the CMS9 system is via a four digit password which is normally comprised of the team number followed by the staff ID. Management of the list of these numbers is provided via the Staff Management menu. The system is currently configured to provide only 1000 staff entries with 0 and 999 reserved for special purposes, but the staff ID's used in the data always include the team number as well. This was added for a number of sites who needed to track which department/team a member of staff was allocated to so that team reports could more easily be generated.
Searching for names is case sensitive, unlike caller information. Staff names are therefore displayed exactly as they are entered in the management fields and provide a tidier display on report generation. Searching will produce a list of all results starting with the search data entered. Currently The team search requires the number of the team to be entered, and all members of that team will be returned. The telephone number search currently searches against the direct telephone entry.
Navigation is provided via the normal paging arrangement when more than a single page of results is returned. With First, Back, Forward and Last. man Navigation
If a name is not found then an empty page is reported.

Add new member of staff

Creating a new staff record requires a staff ID to work with. This is not generated aoutomatically as some sites like to keep blocks of ID's for a particular department, so a three digit number is needed for this field. The password for the new account is automatically created by combining the team number with the ID as this is the normal practice, but it can be changed later via the edit page. The Forename and Surname fields would normally be in the format of upper case first letter and the rest lower case, but all upper case can be used as an alternative.
If staff are allocated to a particular team, then the queue display functions will default to displaying or reporting against that team. If set to 'All' then staff can access all queues if required.
The level setting determines the functions available to a staff member. Although a little out of data now, CMS9Web Terminal Levels details the general information for each level. Over time some of the intermediate levels have been replaced by automatic functions linked to the counter/back office distinction, and the need for some of these distinctions have been removed. Engineering levels can only be set directly in the database, and the staff management menu should only be accessible for manager level users.
A 16 digit phone number and/or 4 digit extension number can be added to the record. These are used by the appointment system for sites where the browser pop-up system of notification is not being used, or to contact staff who have not responded to a notification.
Once saved, the staff list defaults to the surname of the record added. This allows the details to be checked, and also shows any duplicates that may have been missed. If a duplicate ID number is used, then a link to that existing number is returned.
At the present time, there is no 'back' function to allow you to change the ID number of the new record, and so unfortunatly the details would need to be entered again.

Edit details

The edit page is essentially the same as the new record page, but with the addition of the password field to allow passwords to be changed if required.

Delete function

Currently there is no provision for delete. This is basically because once a staff ID has been used in the enquiry data, we need to be able to display the staff details even after a staff member has left. Some sites simply 're-use' staff id's and change the names against them, but keep a log of when a staff member changed in case they need to go back in history. To be on the safe side, staff id's should not be reused, but this will become a problem with the limited availability in CMS9 systems.