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!!Finding an individual client record
( All client lookup requests use the same process, so this also applies to finding an existing client record for adding to an enquiry )
scn ClientList
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!!Search Options
There are five options for searching the Client database for matching client records.
scn SearchBar Client
When searching from the Client List menu, the option to search for a company has been removed. This can be restored if appropriate.
scn SearchBar Company
When processing an enquiry, all five options are available.
The obvious first choice is for Surname, and this option also allows further filtering by including the forename as well if required to reduce results. Simply enter the surname ( the first few letters are normally enough ) followed by a space or comma, and then add the initial or first few letters of the forename.
Where company names are being recorded, the first few characters of the name normally allow a result to be found.
National Insurance number is a 9 character identification field, and Ref allows 10 characters. While the NI field should be retained as a national unique identification, the Ref field can be renamed as required to provide a more appropriate local reference such as HBIS or CitizenID. ( This is set in the Site Profile Directory - HBIS_ID )
The final option uses the normal format for postcode references. Since the client record only contains a house identification and postcode, this provides an easier access to find an existing record where only the postcode is known. It does of cause depend on maintaining accurate postcode records in the postcode lookup table, but since these do not change often this is not a problem. While it would be possible to pay for licences to use the Royal Mail PAF records to provide a more accurate verification of an address, this can be done free of charge via the Royal Mail website for those few instances when a postcode needs to be cross checked.
Once a client record has been identified, the relevant name can be selected and that client's history will be displayed in man ClientRecord
If a suitable record is not found then a new record can be created via man NewClientRecord