man CMS9.8 Index

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 29 Aug 2008 (06:21 UTC)

Following login, the initial page selected will be determined by the operating level a member of staff is asigned to and the location they log in from. Counter positions will give caller enquiry facilities in addition to the rest of the non front of house facilities.

The menu provided will be a sub set of the full list of facilities, with some items restricted to supervisor or manager levels. See CMS9Web Terminal Levels for details of the facilities provided at each access level

Staff ID section of menu This section provides the identity of the member of staff and the login location
Buttons section of menu
  1. Ticket Process ( Back Office - Enquiry Process )
  2. Ticket /Caller Enquiry
  3. Appointment List
  4. Queue Viewer
  5. Caller List ( Supervisor )
  6. Caller DUP ( Supervisor )
  7. Logon Management ( Manager )
  8. Staff Management ( Manager )
  9. System Management ( Manager )
  10. DB Management ( Admin )
  11. Terminal Management ( Admin )
  12. Panic Alarm ( Counter positions only - if on-line panic alarm enabled )
  13. Log Out
Time section of menu This section displays the current date and time

Currently the reporting system is not accesed via the main menu, but it is intended that a separate management manual will be created since the current menu is reaching a length that is difficult to fit on lower resolution displays.