Ticket Printer Options

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 31 Jul 2008 (11:58 UTC)

The system can be run with a number of identification options for callers. The traditional one is an on demand ticket printer as the visitor enters the site, which is then used to identify them throughout their visit. This option is appropriate when there are a large number of callers who may require some time to be processed initially. The original impact printer has now been updated with a thermal printer since the problem of large numbers of children encountered in waiting areas who concidered the printer a nice play thing has been resolved by the much faster processing of visitors. High volumn sites may require multiple printers which are also supported.

In less busy offices, the ticket printer can be moved behind the counter, and this reduces the number of tickets produced, since one will only be issued if a caller requires to see a specialist member of staff. Even this ticket can be eliminated by the use of Text to Speech announcements to call people by name to their interview point. Some sites prefer the anonimity of calling by ticket numbers while others prefer the personal touch of calling by name. Either option has it's pluses and minuses from a callers point of view.

A third option is the Touch Screen Printer which allows a caller to select options as to how they may be processed. This allows callers with pre-arranged appointments, or specific requirements to be directed to the correct department without having to wait for the initial reception staff to call them.