Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Aug 2008 (10:07 UTC)
Currently we have no provenance data in the extracts we are working with, so this has not yet been tested.

Field Type NULL Default Description
UPRN Numeric(18,0) not null
Unique property reference number
PROV_KEY Varchar(14) Primary
Key value to uniquely identify record
PROVENANCE_CODE Varchar(1) not null
Identifies the extent of the provenance
ANNOTATION Varchar(30)

Supplementary information relating to PROVENANCE_CODE
ENTRY_DATE Date not null
Date record was created
START_DATE Date not null
Date activity started

Date activity ceased
LAST_UPDATE_DATE Date not null
Date last updated

Code Definition Data Source Notes
P Inferred from physical features Map or co-ordinate based data
O Occupancy Residential property address file
U Inferred from use Commercial property address file
T Registered Title Property ownership
L Unregistered land title Property ownership
F Formal Tenancy agreement Property ownership
R Rental Agreement Property ownership