Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 01 Aug 2008 (12:35 UTC)


BLPU_ID|Varchar(4)|Primary| |Concatenation of PC, SC and TID to match BLPU_CLASS entries
PC|Varchar(1)|NOT NULL|Primary Code
PD|Varchar(32)|NOT NULL|Primary Description
SC|Varchar(1)|NOT NULL|Secondary Code
SD|Varchar(64)|NOT NULL|Secondary Description
TID|Varchar(2)|NOT NULL|Tertiary Code
TD|Varchar(64)|NOT NULL|Tertiary Description
NOTES|Text| | |Provided to allow notes to be added later - not populated
This table needs an additional field which produces a single text element to go with each BLPU_ID entry. Currently some entries have the secondary description duplicated in the tertiary description field so that a single field can be used, but this is not ideal.