Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Aug 2008 (11:12 UTC)
Field Type NULL Default Description
UCRN Numeric(18,0) not null   Unique client reference number
XREF_KEY Varchar(14) not null   Key value to uniquely identify record
START_DATE Date not null NOW Date activity started
LAST_UPDATE_DATE Date not null NOW Date last updated
ENTRY_DATE Date not null NOW Date record was created
END_DATE Date     Date activity ceased
CROSS_REFERENCE Varchar(20) not null   Primary key of record in associated data set
SOURCE Varchar(6) not null   Identification of associated data set (see also NLPG Cross-reference Source Codes )

These fields mirror those provided in the NLPG data set and a sub set of the source records are duplicated.
Additional SOURCE identifiers are provided for client and address references and these local special cases are identified with a '#' prefix.

Source Description Reference Type Note
#R Residential Address UPRN Indicates an owner occupier
#T Tenant Address UPRN Indicates a tenant occupier
#C Correspondence Address UPRN Alternate address for correspondence
#O Owner Address UPRN Used to add additional properties a client owns
#K Keyholder UCRN Used with corporate entries to identify out of hours contact
HBEN Housing Benefit    
CTAX Council Tax    
NNDR National Non-domestic Rates    
ER Electoral Roll