Site Security and Layout

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 22 Jul 2008 (18:36 UTC)

The enquirysolve site is build upon the same bitweaver framework as the CMS10 systems use at customer sites, so that any problems can be identified and implemented as quickly as possible. The main facility that the customer support site hinges on is the multisites package which provides separate ring fenced areas for each customer, while retaining full access to the common information. Subdomains are used to identify each area, and users are able to access those areas that they are subscribed to. An additional layer of security is applied to information within a customer site, so that ordinary users can see the general site specific information, but some material is only visible by higher level users. Complete backup's of the site software are maintained, allowing reconstruction of a site anywhere, along with security locked backups of the site data.

Site layout

Each site is entered through a home page which also provides links to other sites related to that customer such as the protal to a customers on services. Other material that should be available without loging in will be maintained at this level. A generic login is provided to gain access to the next level, and all of the site specific help and operating information is provided at this level. A supervisor logging will also provide access to documentation relating to maintenance contracts and similar more sensitive material, while the management level will be required to access the data archives and other secure information. As material is added to a site, it's level can be adjusted, and it is felt that the on-line help should probably be available without a login, if that is acceptable to a site.

Content standards

All pages are stored in html format, and can be editied via the FCKEditor built into the framework. This is normally used for all text fields unless only a small quantity of plain text is required. Since the system provides a backlink facility, navigation between pages is relatively easy, but page would normally be created by building a link in an existing page and then following that link to create the new document. Editing of information is provided at the supervisor level.