Reception Thermal Printer

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 31 Jul 2008 (08:50 UTC)

A front of house ticket printer can actually be a delay to processing callers. While a peak times there will be a queue for reception, most of the day staff can be ready to serve the next caller, and waiting for a ticket to print delays that process. For these sites placing the ticket printer behind the counter is a much better option, and while the initial waiting time for callers who arrive while there is a queue at reception is not recorded, that is a problem that needs to be borne in mind. In most cases, additional staff can be used at these peak times in order to prevent too much of a build up, and the software allows any counter position to be used as a reception point.

The ticket printer behind the counter can also then be used for other activities such as the printing of receipts for documents and even money. The printers used are connected to the system via their own ethernet connection, and can be shared betweeen two or three counters. By providing their own connection it does not matter if one of the counter computers using the printer fails and potentially causes problems for a group of users.

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