Pre-recorded speech

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 15 Jul 2014 (08:12 UTC)

The ticket call audio segments allow a failry complete set of announcements, but does impose some restrictions. The material was recorded using a 'professional voice' who was also used by Postfield at that time to create the sound segments for railway announcements.

Numbers are built up from four elements for thousands, hundreds, tens and units. Multiple versions of some elements allow for such variations as '100' and '100 and' to allow a complete range from 1 to 1999, although in the past '999' was used as the emergency call for the panic alarm, but this switched to 1999 when the number range was extended. In practice, no site ha actually gone over the 999 range anyway.

In addition to the numbers, a number of location designations are supported. Desk, counter, room and booth. While the first three fuliy support up to 30 locations and aditionally A to Z, currrently Only 7 'Booths' are compiled. However it is still possible to extend the number range with careful editing of the available segments. The only restriction is that only the four base locations are available in this sound set.

In the past we have used a 'local' voice to build a more appropriate accent, and this involves a couple of days work, with a few hours recording the base scripts with the selected member of staff and then proccessing that material to create the full set of sound elements. ( Need to locate the original scripts from the 1990's )