Popup management

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 17 Sep 2008 (11:03 UTC)

Being a web based system, anybody can log on and monitor activity in the office or on the telephones. Since the system provides for booking appointments and and other activity from the back office locations, a means of advising staff of the arrival of callers has been provided via a pop-up message.

Since many unrequested activities also use pop-ups, enabling a client machine to allow pop-up's is a first requirments, but if a back office member of staff is logged in and has slected 'Queue Viewer', then they will receive a pop-up in two instances. The first is if someone is added to a queue who has an apointment booked with that member of staff. In addition, all members of staff logged and flagged for that department will receive a pop-up saying that someone has been added to the queue. This may seem a little excessive for appointments, but if the intended member of staff is not available someone else can deal with the enquiry.

The second pop-up also happens for callers who do not have appointments, and in these instances, the staff already active at a counter position can pick up the enquiry and deal with it, or if busy, a further memeber of staff can come forward if the number of people waiting is becoming a problem.

The provision of further developments to the pop-up system is currently under discussion, and there is provision to modify the way this works on a department by department basis as has happened with other facilities.