Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 26 Nov 2008 (21:16 UTC)

The basic contacts package as provide by bitweaver is somewhat 'American' and so needs to be restructured to provide a more flexible layout of things like addresses, although that will be take care of more directly via the nlpg package and which will return a correctly structured property record provided that a UPRN is available.
The modular structure that bitweaver provides allows a package to be re-installed at any time, so sections of a larger system can be upgraded without having to resort to rebuilding the whole web site. At some point the current contacts package will probably be replaced with a clients or citizens package and all of the existing data ported to that.
The packages work in cooperation, so as long as the same unique reference is used, records in the tasks package or the nlpg can be referenced in the contacts package. Currently the contacts package mirrors the simple functionality of <Caller List> from the CMS9 system, and displays a client record with links to past ticket activity and also to links provided via the nlpg dataset.

Editing of data needs to be reviewed, basically since it needs to be managed in conjunction with the source application.
Integration with other systems may be essential to make a master Client/Citizen Index.
Currently importing of data from three different datasets via .csv imports can be handled, but the bitweaver framework allows for custom imports to be produced with relative ease. In the past, pre-population of the CALLER database has not been popular for political reasons, but the integration of electronic systems REQUIRE that a common CITIZEN id is established in much the same way as the USRN and UPRN are now well defined. A UCRN is the missing piece of the jigsaw, although NI Number should provide it?

Input needed to help define a roadmap.