On Demand Impact Printer

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 31 Jul 2008 (08:30 UTC)

This printer was originally designed to handle the the abuse that was meeted out by irate callers in the early 90's. On a number of ocassions they were kicked off the wall, and having been picked up and plugged back in again - continued to work. Nowadays the incidence of this sort of vandalism is much less due in part to the much faster handling of callers. Before the days of computer terminals on the counters it was not uncommon for an enquiry to take a number of hours to process simply because of the need to manually search records. So average waiting times are now down from hours to in many cases minutes. This printer has therefore been upgraded to provide a faster ticket by using a thermal mechanism, but still housed in the same enclosure, so that older sites can simply be updated.