NLPG Reference Data

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Aug 2008 (10:28 UTC)

Reference data is taken from two sources, the documentation, and the ONS data files

The BLPU_CLASS data is contained in Appendix A of the NLPG Data Transfer document amongst other locations.
It has been built as an initialise structure in the bitweaver package administration and is transferred to the table when it is created. Future changes to the data can be made directly to the table, but the underlying script should also be updated.
NLPG_BLPU_CLASS - Current Data

The NLPG_ONS_COUNTY table is also created via the same route as it is unlikely to change often.
NLPG_ONS_COUNTY - Current Data

A third table - NLPG_RECORD_TYPES - is also managed via the configuration tools. This package carries a array of text information to go with all the rest of the numeric or character codes used in the NLPG data. It is managed in a table as this provides an easy route to provide fully configured results directly from SQL. It only requires a sub-select to the relevant entries to a textual output.

The Office of National Statistics provide the current reference lists as csv downloads at it's information site.
If an update to any of this data becomes available, then simply copy the new file to the data sub-directory and run the ONS_Load tool.
NLPG_ONS_LOCAL_AUTHORITY Uses Local_Authorities.csv - Current Data
NLPG_ONS_WARD Uses Ward.csv - Current Data
NLPG_ONS_PARISH Uses Parish.csv - Current Data