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The current status of the nlpg package can be found here.
The National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) maintains the master records for all property in England and Wales. However it is not directly accessible by the general public, requiring an account in order to carry out searches.
Information contained in the NLPG is generated and managed by the local authorities via their sub-set Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and this information may be accessible locally based on the local authorities practices and facilities. A further sub-set of the data is provided via the National Street Gazetteer which is also populated from the data provided by the local authorities via LLPG. Again this information is not readily accessible.

Data formats

All information contained in the database is stored using BS7666 format and the links on that page provide fine detail on the various sub-elements of the address. In addition to the basic address information, additional fields provide cross reference information to such things as the actual area of land covered by the linked property, and the provenance of the recorded information. As this information is still currently being gathered, not all of the information is currently available.

Database schema

Table-NLPG_METADATA List of extracts and updates loaded into the local NLPG copy
Table-NLPG_STREET Base table for local copy of National Street Gazetteer entries
Table-NLPG_BLPU Base table for local copy of National Land and Property Gazetteer entries
NLPG Reference Data


Private Development Data link to local information that is not in the public domain