NLPG Cross-reference Source Codes

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Aug 2008 (10:10 UTC)
This is a list of identified source codes for the NLPG cross reference records and will be expanded as further codes are identified. The third column provides a map to approved versions of the same code where these can be identified.
Code Description NLPG Code Source

AREG Asset Register Should be qualified with CUSTODIAN_CODE ?
BAND Council Tax Band BAND
BINS Refuse Collection

CTAX Council Tax CT
ENVH Environmental Health

EREG Electoral Register ER

HBEN Housing Benefit

JABU James Butcher Housing Assn. 1430 Specific

MAIL Nationally maintained Postal Address File key MAIL 1

NNDR National Non-Domestic Rates Should be VOAN Now?
OSAP Nationally maintained OSAPR (Ordnance Survey ADDRESS-POINT Reference) OSAP 1
PAPP Planning Application

PLAN Planning PL




SITE British National Grid Reference

SNN1 Street Naming and Numbering

SNN2 Street Naming and Numbering

SNN3 Street Naming and Numbering

SNN4 Street Naming and Numbering

TOID Nationally maintained TOID (Ordnance Survey Topographical Identifier) TOID 1
VOAC Nationally maintained Council Tax VOAC 1
VOAN Nationally maintained Non Domestic Rates VOAN 1

Sources for this data

  1. LLPG and SN&N Data Entry Conventions and Best Practice for the NLPG