NLPG Cross-reference

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Aug 2008 (11:06 UTC)

The application cross reference record (type 23 entries in csv) provides a set of 20 character references relating to a property. A number of basic sources are identified in the NLPG documentation, but locally generated codes do not necessarily follow these rules.
The recommended format is CUSTODIAN_CODE followed by a two letter identifier from the following table.

ID Description
ER Electoral Registration
CT Council Tax
PL Planning
ND Non Domestic Rates
LC Land Charges
RC Refuse Collection
BC Building Control

Where a local variation is identified against one of the above codes, the correct code type will be used internally, but an amount of additional data is already being included in addition to the limited list, some of which do not require the inclusion of a CUSTODIAN_CODE as they are nationally recognised. A full list of identified will be maintained NLPG Cross-reference Source Codes