Enquiry Categories

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 25 Jul 2008 (17:25 UTC)

The CMS system has expanded to cover a number a number of areas other than the original physical callers to an office. Five catagories are currently being used, but two of these are sub-sets of physical callers.
Cold callers to the office who are seen as CMS enquiries.
Ticket numbers between 1 and 9999 that are not flagged as appointments.
Callers to the office how have a pre-arranged appointment.
The appointment system can be used for visitor enquiries as well, but only enquiries with ticket numbers between 1 and 9999 that are flagged as appointment are clasified in this grouping, and the APPLET flag should only be used wth Interview type enquiries.
Callers to the office to see departments that are not managed by the CMS enquiry system.
Visitors are issued with tickets numbered between 30001 and 39999 and the records are flagged as such.
!!Telephone Enquiries
The system can be used to log telephone calls in the same way as actual callers.
Telephone enquiries are flagged with ticket numbers between 10001 and 19999.
!!Home Visits
The home visit catagory is intended to be used by staff members working outside the office. It is intended to be managed via calls into the office at the start and end of a visit, and can be used to monitor a staff members movements, and flag when a call is taking longer than intended. This may be used to assist the staff members safety, and office staff would be expected to check in with that person if they have not called in in time.
Home Visit records are flagged with ticket numbers between 20001 and 29999.
Records that fall outside the currently defined ranges.
This leaves ticket numbers greater than 40000 and -ve ticket numbers available for expansion. On older systems these were restricted to a small unsigned integer, 0 to 65535, but the CMS9 system has expanded this to a full integer with 32bit range (+/- 2Gbyte approx) which should cope with any expansion required.