Client Record

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 18 Feb 2009 (08:56 UTC)

Refer to the Package-citizen for information on the current software.
There are a number of restrictions that the current CALLER database suffers from, but the main one has always been the lack of proper address management, as only the current address could be maintained against a client record. In order to address this, the new CLIENT record will actually consist of two tables, one for the key personal details such as National Insurance number and date of birth, and a second cross reference table which will be populated with links to other data structures.
Address details will be managed in conjunction with the new NLPG data which will allow a number of improvements to be made. The most important improvement will be the ability to identify multiple properties as in the case of a landlord owning several properties. In addition, the same property reference would appear against the client records of those persons resident at the property. The new cross reference table will follow the same structure as the Table-NLPG_BLPU_XREF, and so will allow the history of address data to be maintained as well.
In parallel with the Table-NLPG_BLPU_XREF, the client cross reference table will maintain links to other applications and will allow additional data to be recorded.
The current problem with this arrangement is the lack of a common standard for personal data. While the NLPG provides a national reference for properties ( at least within England and Wales ), there is no such base for personal details. It is therefore planned initially that interchange of this data will be via additional type 23 entries in the LLPG data. While this will spread details across multiple properties, the history of occupancy is equally valid. The only problem with this approach is the lack of a secondary field for a 'unique person ID', which will have to be stored within the cross_reference along with the additional data.


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