Clearance Codes

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 21 Aug 2008 (09:08 UTC)

With the increasing number of requests for monitoring both the outcome of activities and the tracking of information such as 'avoidable contact', the current version of the system has been expanded to allow a configurable clearance code survey for each enquiry. At present no distinction is made between personal callers and remote enquiries such as telephone or email, but the system is flexible enough to add additional versions of the reporting if required.

Simple clearance code survey
The basic reporting provides a few simple check boxes for the status of the enquiry and whether any follow up action is required. An additional Yes/No drop down can record the customers responce to a satisfaction question. although this may need to expand to cover the three levels of the 'govmetric' reports.
The Finish button replaces the one on the top menu bar, and it's associated clearance code drop down, so any other reporting provided via that will need to be incorporated in the new structure. The additional tagging provided by CMS9.8 should already cover most of the 'extras'  that were being managed via the earllier clearance code tags.

NI14 calls for additional detail on avoidable contact and this is being provided via an additional drop down list.
Avoidable contact clearance section
This provides for separate recording of followup actions, in the case of unavoidable contact, although these could simple be added to the drop downlist. Additional follow up actions can be added as required, but it may be appropriate to change that to an additional drop down list if more than a few options are required.
Drop down list for avoidable contact

The currently prefered satisfaction answer list is Satisfaction drop down list. This allows for a default of not actually having asked/answered the question, and the responces corespond to the red/amber/green replies required by the govmetric reporting. This can be addjusted if required to provide a simple yes/no or an alternative 1 to n type responce.

Since this forms part of the development involving extended tagging, it does require that improvement currently, but if required we will back port to CMS9.7.

The current set of working codes is listed below, but can easily be modified as required.

Completion Codes   Avoidable reasons   Satisfaction
Complete - Non-avoidable   Service failure   No
Complete - Avoidable   Mid Call Transfer   Maybe
Refer to Dept.   Progress Chasing   Yes
Transfer to Dept.   Online Service Available    
    Unclear Mailing