Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 25 Jul 2008 (17:02 UTC)
CMS Directory Structure will follow the same standard as other systems, with additional directories covering system specific requirements.

Program directory

All apllications and libraries etc to be held in C:\\Postfield

Unless of course there are differing library releases. C:\\Postfield would then become C:\\PostfieldB4 (or similar)

Safe ( Duplicate copy of files required to rebuild machine in case of corruption of main file sets )

Data directory
All site information will be held in C:\CMSBASE with sub-directories of:

Backup ( Daily scheduled database backups )

BatchFiles ( Copies of site specific batch and script files )

Data ( Database )

Data\\Blank ( Blank copies of EQUIPMENT and MASTER,HISTORY or DIARY stored in this subdirectory )

Logging ( Base directory for all log files - sub directories are used for each device generating a log )

Logging\\SiteLog ( Location of site logging information )
Logging\\FileWatch ( Output of FileWatch Monitor )
Logging\\PerfMon ( Output of Windows Performance Monitor )
Logging\\ipPulse ( Output of TCP/IP Network Monitor )
Logging\\ ( Logging specific to a particular program module )

Picture ( Root picture directory used to store program mimics )

Picture\\ ( Pictures for each format stored in sub directories with the format name )

Profile ( Main profile for station stored in root profile directory

Profile\\ ( Profiles for each format stored in sub directories with the format name )

Registry ( Copies of registry information for machines on the system - Titles will be machine names )

Reports ( Profiles of the reports used by the system, the names identify which report is described )

Text ( There should only be one directory used for the information files per system )

The backup directory should then be copied out to another drive on the server under X:\\TIPLOC\\Backup as a safety measure. If there is no drive available then backups should be copied out to another machine, ie, \\\\Computer name\\Diskx\\TIPLOC\\Backup

Slave directories

There are two slave directories that should be present, depending on programs to be run on the machines.
For safety these will be included in a standard machine install.

CacheText ( Used to store local copies of text files copied from the main server )

RemoteText ( Used to store local copy of text file after transfer to operator machine from a remote site )

TempText ( Used to build local copy of text file before transfer to main server )

TempText must contain a copy of 'Blank CI.TXT' which is used to ensure caller number displays are cleared down when no announcements are queued.