CMS9.8 Report Grid

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 25 Jul 2008 (17:16 UTC)

!CMS Version 9 Reports This is a list of all of the reports supported by CMS9.8 in the web based report generator and details the data query to extract the required data along with details of the various reports. ||Report|Data Query| |Warn/ Alarm | | | | | Rep98-ConciseServe|CONCISE_REPORT| |X5/X6 Rep98-QueueServe|QSERVE_REPORT| |X7/X8 Rep98-QueueWait|QUEUE_REPORT| |X5/X6 Rep98-Rooms|ROOM_REPORT| |X5/X6 (80) Rep98-Staff|STAFF_REPORT| |X7/X8 Rep98-StaffList|STAFF| | Rep98-Tags|TICKET_TAGS| | Rep98-Tickets|TICKETS| | ||