CMS9.8 Report Generator

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 25 Jul 2008 (17:26 UTC)

This is a temporary interface to the report generator which will be replaced by links from the main menu at some point. It is intended to provide access to a set of additional reports for CMS9.8 and as a base to develop the replacements for reports in off-line. It is accessed via -server-/CMS9/reports Currently there are no login requirements, but this will need to be enabled at some point

There is curently a bug with the calendar pop-ups depending on which version of IE you are running, so simply modify the from and to dates in the text boxes to set the range for the report. Some reports do not need dates, such as the tag list and other setup reports, and others only produce a single day, so ignore the to date. How a report responds will be detailed later.

Drop down list

The various preset reports are managed via a table in the database, and this contains the title of the report along with the SQL for the report query and any other settings. From and to dates are substituted in the report query when required. A modified copy of the  CMS9 Report Grid is being developed as CMS9.8 Report Grid produced with the available reports and how they are calculated. This will transfer information from the original report documentation. 

Report Layout

The basic report is simply printed as a grid on the html page, which can be printed, or all results are also available as a csv dump which can be used in a spread sheet to provide further analysis.

Report Management

The report generator can be used to create ad-hoc reports but the information on how to handle these will be generated later. At present it is easier to create and test the SQL queries directly in the FlameRobin management tool and simply copy the working SQL into a new report blank. This page will be hidden at some point and accessed only via the engineering login.