CMS9.8 Index

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Aug 2008 (10:54 UTC)

CMS9.8 is intended as a stepping stone to CMS10, and will provide some of the core functionality that was originally intended not to be provided until CMS10 was released. Some of the pressure for CMS10 ha been removed now that the planning of the expanded queueing and tagging has been resolved. Some of the features of that expansion will be retained for CMS10, but essentially the work flow of handling an enquiry has been much simplified and so it is felt that getting those changes out is preferable to waiting for a full CMS10 update.

On-line in Demo

  • Searching for names has been expanded to allow Surname, Forename to reduce the number of hits returned.
  • Login fixed so that only counter login is restricted to one location. Unlimited back office login now allowed.
  • View function added so that a client/ticket record can be viewed without 'serving' - Read only display.
  • Reclassification of 'queue' as 'department' to tidy work flow
    CMS9.8 Tagging
  • Introduce secondary tagging by moving 'TAGS' to the department level
    CMS9.8 Tagging
  • Modify clearance codes to provide status and satisfaction reporting
    CMS9.8 Tagging
  • Add functions to allow counter machine names to be edited following a change of computer
  • Allow access to staff database from the web to amend staff details and pass staff members



  • Additional web pages to allow modification of reason code table for additional tagging
  • Searching for postcode needs fixing
  • Add function to combine caller records where duplicate entries are identified
  • On-line reporting CMS9.8 Report Generator

Where LLPG extracts can be provided, the existing POSTCODE table may be updated to add currently missing entries. The CMS10 package is currently capable of importing LLPG data and creating a new postcode table which can be merged with the existing data. As a stepping stone to CMS10, these secondary facilities can be provided while still retaining the CMS9 front end in the short term.

We now have a demo site up and running on line CMS9.8 Demo - eMail or ring for the access details. Since CMS9 does not have particularly strong security we need to just log who is on and will change the passwords regularly.

The users manual is currently being converted from a word document to a fully integrated on-line set of pages. The Manual-CMS9 but you will need an account to be able to access it.