CMS10 Manual - Introduction

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 18 Jan 2009 (07:56 UTC)

CMS10 replaces the rather restricted Nola web frame work used for CMS9 with the much more powerful bitweaver framework. While CMS9 was simply copied to a working system and required a lot of manual configuration, the bitweaver framework starts with an interactive installer, which can be used to create a new system, or later add facilities or upgrade existing sites to new versions. Bitweaver has quite extensive documentation on its facilities which can be found on the bitweaver site additionally the developers can normally be found on line at irc - bitweaver

While we would normally install all sites as part of the support contract, full documentation on installation is provided as customers may wish to use the same framework for other web based activities on their sites. CMS10 is fully managed via the web interface, so as long as access is provided to a site from the internet, it can be controlled without any additional software requirements.

As with all EnquirySolve systems, the software base is fully open source and can be configured to run on any software, however interfaces to hardware such as the automated announcements, LED displays and ticket printers still require propriatory software to control them. The base requirement for the web based section of the system is a standard Apache 2.2 web server with PHP5.2 and Firebird 2.0 database, however even this is not binding, and a full list of options can be found on the requirements section of the bitweaver site. Having been using Firebird and prior to that Interbase in live sites for over 10 years, we are more than happy that it provides a stable base to build off, and the inclusion of another 10 years of data from the previous dBase powered versions of CMS gives a growing volumn of active data that can still be rapidly accesed.

CMS10 Installation Index in addtion to providing full information on how to install or update a system, also provides an insight to how the system can be configured and what other options are available. An ever growing range of themes are available and these work transparently the code base, so the user interface can be configured to match the style of any existing site. In addition, the system can support a multi-lingual user base and has a large range of languages already supported.

CMS10 User Guide

CMS10 Administration