CMS10 Index

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 25 Mar 2020 (21:32 UTC)

CMS10 has been in development for over three years, and is part of the reason for taking the CMS product back in house. We have been working with the bitweaver framework since the early days, and have grown it to provide an easily expansible basis for more complex systems. The 'Theme' of the display can be changed without affecting the overall functionality of the software. The information can be edited on-line using a standard browser, and all of the changes in the content are logged and tagged providing a fully itemised list of who made what changes. Check out the 'History' button at the top of this page.
The core functions are provided by three additional packages to the bitweaver shell.

The various manuals are now being assembled on line - again using the bitweaver framework - CMS10 Manual - Introduction

Appointment are currently being managed within the existing structure, but at some point they will be split off to a separate package based on the calender package in bitweaver.

In addition to the basic text functions, fully featured extensions such as map management are available such as Mapper Module

All these modules use fully Open Source material, so there are no problems with the number of users who access the system, or with providing full access to material for outside users. Security in the system is paramount, and a number of new security levels have been added over the basic CMS9 user login. Check out the facilities that the bitweaver framework has to offer.