CMS9.7j Update

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Aug 2008 (11:00 UTC)

There have been a few identified bugs, and a few small feature requests which have been sorted on individual sites. These have been rolled into an intermediate update prior to upgrading sites to CMS9.8. Most of these have been back ported from version 9.8

1. Problem with back office logging in interfering with counter login has been fixed. A staff ID number can be logged on at multiple back office locations without affecting or clearing a counter position login. The counter position is used to prevent using the same ID at other counters, but multiple users may be logged against the same staff ID for back office enquiries.

2. Number of small problems with ticket numbers getting duplicated has been corrected. There is still a small chance that two users may get the same ticket number if is hit at almost the same time, but the second ticket will now be bumped on preventing a problem. While the ticket identifiers are guaranteed to be unique, because the same ticket numbers are used every day a unique index even when combined with the ticket day is difficult to control. However some of the changes in CMS10 are designed to eliminate the problem.

3. Surname search has been expanded to provide surname,forename search. Back ported from CMS9.8. A comma in the search text will indicate a surname,forename split, and the two sets of letters will be used to further filter the result set. The caller records starting with both pieces of text will be returned.

4. A facility to simply view a ticket has been added, so tickets in a queue or from the history list can be viewed. The list will add view buttons provided that a ticket or caller record is not currently being handled on the terminal. Back office users will be presented with a view button in the queue lists allowing access to all the details for a caller, but currently the counter terminals will still provide the call button. Changes here to allow the viewing of details prior to calling may be added, but navigation may be complicated by this option. Accessing information on the Caller list may be changed to provide a view rather than locking the record to the terminal position. Since editing of information requires a second operation, the reason for treating caller record access the same as tickets has been removed some time ago.

5. Problem with extended machine names being reported in varying case of characters has been fixed by forcing upper case. Traditionally, the machine names have been reported by windows using upper case, and only using the machine name element. Recent updates to windows networking now reports the machine appended by the domain address, which causes problems with the automatic logging on at counter locations. This response can be upper or mixed case, so an additional step has been introduced to force all usage of this to be in upper case only. The screen now reports the machine ID which can then be copied to the relevant counter entry.

6. Staff list editing from the browser has been added. Changes to staff name and telephone details can be amended by any supervisor user via the new page.

Still to be fixed Still not fixed is the problem with searching on postcodes while creating a new caller record this may have to wait until 9.8.