CMS Roadmap

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 20 Aug 2008 (11:19 UTC)

This is the current status of the Client Management System (CMS) development program.

CMS9.7j Consolidation Update

There have been a few identified bugs, and a few small feature requests which have been sorted on individual sites. These have been rolled into an intermediate update prior to upgrading sites to CMS9.8.

  • Problem with back office logging in interfering with counter login has been fixed.
  • Number of small problems with ticket numbers getting duplicated has been corrected.
  • Surname search has been expanded to provide surname,forename search.
  • A facility to simply view a ticket has been added, so tickets in a queue or from the history list can be viewed.
  • Problem with extended machine names being reported in varying case of characters has been fixed by forcing upper case.
  • Staff list editing from the browser has been added.
  • Still not fixed is the problem with searching on postcodes while creating a new caller record this may have to wait until 9.8.

CMS9.8 Roadmap

Some of you have been involved with the debate over an increased number of queues, CMS Queue Expansion, and an end point has now been reached! The problem has been that there has never been a shortage of queues, it has been that each department has their own requirements on how enquiries should be tagged and cleared. So for now we keep the ten queues, but we call them 'departments' and we move 'tags' and 'clearance' to the transaction table, so we can add different tags and clearance codes depending on who is serving the client. CMS9.8 Tagging

CMS10 Index Roadmap

Some of these facilities will be back ported to the CMS9 Index, but for the full capabilities the full framework of CMS10 Index is required.

  • The main starting point of CMS10 is the use of NLPG Data data to provide address and property details to users. This data also allows full integration with other back office system and is a stepping stone to a fully integrated support package. Cross reference information forms part of the NLPG data structure.
  • In support of NLPG data, client details have been restructured to remove the limit of a single address and allow management of multiple addresses where appropriate. Landlords with multiple properties, second homes and alternate correspondence addresses. Historic address details can also now be managed, so that previous address can be stored.
  • The basic ticket management has been expanded to Package-Tasks and will handle all of the normal current day ticket, telephone and contact records, but is also being expanded to allow handling of longer term tasks such as form processing.
  • Watch this space as we migrate from CMS9

December 2007 - Firebird is project of the month on [|sourceforge] while we are aware of a number of major players who have migrated from MSSQL and Oracle it is nice to see that things are actually moving to those users allowing us to talk about it. NotFreeBeer